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No puedo actualizar tan seguido como me gustaría. u.u

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I turned 20 some days ago (June 27th, specifically), and received a brand new laptop as my birthday gift. Its keyboard is comfortable and nice looking, and since then I've been wanting an excuse to type a long text and feel like an important executive from an important company. I know it sounds silly but if I did gamble, I'd bet most people feel the same way when they have a new keyboard or computer. :XD:

I wanted to type something long, but a laboratory report is out of the question since I'm finishing my classes and I have no more reports to write. So I'm writing an update on myself and a rant instead.

So... How are things going for me? College sucks, but it's finally giving me a break. I'm passing all my tests so far, only a couple more left. @_@ Winter holidays are coming, and I'll have more time for drawing, but that won't mean I'll be uploading deviations everyday. That's because I'm dedicating my drawing time for drawing (more like digital painting, but I draw the initial sketches!) backgrounds for a visual novel project. I'm not doing it alone, of course. I joined this group called SweetHeartstrings, and I'm only in charge of the background. I'm very excited about this. *-*

((Also my boyfriend is sweet and handsome and has good taste for books. Counting today, we've been together for 8 months :heart: ))


Following this is a rant about the World Cup. I'm not a football fan and I hate the World Cup with passion. I need some venting. If you're a sensitive reader and don't like hearing people saying they don't like the World Cup, don't read this.

I dislike football in general, but the World Cup in specific awakens a fury within me I didn't know I could have in my heart. Just kidding, I'm the explosive kind of person and angering me is pretty easy. :XD: I'm fortunate enough to not be the only one in my close circle of "people I frequent everyday in college" who hates football, but their reasons, even if they're not bad, make me think they're just bitching because that's what every person who doesn't like football is doing. Reasons like "they killed people so they could host the World Cup!", "They invested money in a useless football competition instead of important things like education and healthcare!", etc. Those things happen on an everyday basis, not just for this sport event. Roll Eyes  These are the reasons why I hate the World Cup:

Boing! Boing! I don't like football, so I don't keep track of any football team nor important matches. But when it comes to the World Cup, football fans are so annoying, they write what's happening in the match every couple of minutes on their facebook walls and it comes up in my facebook index, news feeder, frontpage, whatever it's called in English. Everytime Argentina's team marks a goal, I know about it because I can hear all my neighbours screaming at the top of their lungs. I.DON'T.WANT.TO.KNOW.ABOUT.IT. It's like I'm following the World Cup even when I hate football, and I hate that.

Boing! Boing! Football fans, at least here, are very destructive. Everytime Argentina wins a match, football fans (that means almost the entire city) gather in the city centre, just a hundred meters away from my house. They break down the centre's shops' windows and steal what they can get. They do it while there are people, clients, shopping there, and a few have been injured. When the police came to put some order, they were vastly outnumbered and... I don't know if they didn't have the equipment for it or if they didn't do it because they could get in trouble, but they didn't start a repression, just tried to arrest people and settle down things peacefully. The football fans attacked the police, and many police officers ended up injured. On top of all that, we've had a couple of incidents with molotov cocktails. Since I live so near to the city centre, every time Argentina wins, I'm all paranoid locked up in my house, afraid of the possibility of people coming to vandalize my house or trying to break in and steal from us.

Boing! Boing! I hate that my father, who usually doesn't watch football, and my younger brother, who dislikes football, are sitting down to watch every match Argentina plays in. Specially my brother, who watches these matches because he wants to fit in the next day when all his schoolmates are talking about it. Now there are days when I can't study in peace in my own home because I can't concentrate with all the MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI noise in the background. Why are football commentators so fucking LOUD???? Stare 

Boing! Boing! I hate that my teachers are changing at will the times we will have classes so they (and the other students) don't miss the matches. Because of this, my before perfectly arranged agenda is now a mess. Since I have other things to do (health related, so I can't stall them and because of my orthodoncist's tight agenda I can't change appointments), and because of these ridiculous changes, I've missed the final and most important theory classes of Physics II; all the weeks since the World Cup started. I hate that a football overrated tournament can jeopardize my routine and my education this way. 

Boing! Boing! I hate that on my way to uni, people try to high five me/congratulate me/hug me because Argentina won a match.

Boing! Boing! I hate the fact I can't scream at the top of my lungs that I hate the World Cup and want Argentina to lose and can't wait until all of this is over, because I risk getting a beating by one of these crazy neanderthal-like football fans.
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Rocío Juárez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm Isho.
It's not supposed to be a japanese nickname, my brother started calling me like this because he couldn't pronounce my name.
I've been drawing since I entered highschool, that would be six or seven years ago. Never had an important improvement, because I've always drawn as a hobby, plus I have other hobbies (like videogames), and college takes most of my time now.
I'm studying civil engineering, and art is a great way to break my numbers-physics-chemistry daily routine. :)

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